Manifest is a cause-based, ethical, and sustainable boutique built on the belief that when passionate and creative people live with intention we can radically change the world. 


The Manifest story began in 2007 when owner Christie Kearney traveled to China with her husband and two sons to adopt a baby girl. Christie’s heart was split open as she saw the realness and full extent social injustice and extreme poverty.  She and her family continued to travel over the years to underdeveloped countries where they witnessed first hand just how widespread and extreme poverty is through out the world. What is seen cannot be unseen,  they were forever changed.  On a trip to Kenya in 2015 Christie met a tribe of indigenous artisans who were creating beautiful and colorful handmade jewelry and accessories, yet living in unthinkable conditions.   She fell in love with these people and wanting to be a part of a solution, a spark was ignited to create a marketplace for these items. Her calling was further solidified during an intensive social justice training at Off the Mat into the World.  In 2017 Christie and her family moved to Athens to manifest her dream of bringing an ethically created collection to a community of conscious consumers. 


Manifest is part of a growing number of entrepreneurs dedicated to the eradication of poverty through what they believe to be the only sustainable solution which is: JOB CREATION. By closely partnering with brands that are committed to creating dignified working environments,  Manifest facilitates opportunities for conscious consumers to shop their values.  They creatively curate a collection of goods that are both rooted in artisan tradition and designed with a modern aesthetic.  They are always on the hunt for new finds and brands so their inventory is limited and changes frequently.


Everything we own has a story. At Manifest you can be assured of where your products came from and that they were made with love in a sustainable way. Many of our brands also have a cause-based component such as clearing of landmines, the digging of water basins, and providing micro-loans,  all pouring proceeds back into the artisan communities. All purchases at Manifest have a direct impact on the world we live in.